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A 2x2” 100% beef patty steam-grilled on a bed of onions with a slice of cheese and served on our signature bun.

  • 招牌芝士牛肉堡堡

    Cheese Slider

    Just when you thought that nothing could get better than The Original Slider®, we decided to top it off with a slice of American cheese.

  • 城堡芝士熔岩堡堡

    Molten Cheese Fondue Slider

    Double 100% Beef, Double Cheddar Cheese, Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Bacon, Onion, Sesame, and Pickle.

  • 脆脆鸡腿堡堡

    Crispy Fried Chicken Slider

    A whole piece of fried chicken thigh, surrounded by tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise, covered with a whole slice of cheddar cheese, ready to eat~

  • 黑标安格斯牛肉堡堡

    Black Label Angus Slider

    Angus thick patties enlarge the fun of eating meat, the tomato and lettuce juice is permeated, and the cheese slowly melts. It is your favorite classic burger recipe!

  • 芝士培根堡堡

    Bacon Cheese Slider

    The combination of cheese and bacon makes a full breakfast both visually appealing. In fact, there are more than these two ingredients, as well as a base beef patties. This combination is really "energy"!

  • 培根鸡蛋堡堡

    Bacon Egg & Cheese Slider

    The omelette made of beef + cheese + bacon + raw eggs, fried to the right golden yellow yolk, is simply mouth watering, and paired with Shangbao's special hamburger sauce, it is a heaven for meat eaters!

  • 蒙德勒杰克松露堡堡

    Truffle Cheese Slider

    Black truffle-infused Monterey Jack cheese, truffle mayo, 100% beef slider and boiled egg slices – call it hand-held luxury. 

  • 经典双层芝士堡堡

    Double Cheese Slider

    Two 100% beef patties steam-grilled on a bed of onions plus two slices of American Cheese and two slices of pickle equals one amazing Craving.

  • 泡菜豆腐堡堡

    Kimchi Tofu Slider

    A vegetarian slider that checks all the boxes! Refreshing kimchi and chewy Chiba tofu combine to create a luxurious mouthfeel. Topped with scallions and a zingy Gochujang sauce. Pure indulgence!  

  • 麻婆豆腐堡堡

    Mapo Tofu Beef Slider

    Craving something spicy? You need to try our new slider inspired by the classic Sichuanese dish Mapo Tofu.

  • 水牛城鸡腿辣辣堡

    Spicy Buffalo Chicken Slider

    Golden fried chicken thigh drenched in fiery Buffalo sauce and paired with tangy Asian coleslaw. White Castle is bringing the heat! #sorrynotsorry

  • 蓝纹安格斯牛肉堡堡

    Blue Label Angus Slider

    Angus thick meatloaf enlarges the pleasure of eating meat. Blue cheese from Denmark is a dark dish for foreigners with mixed reviews. Are you from the Blue family?

  • 乡村培根鸡胸堡堡

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Slider

    An American classic. Lean chicken breast and scrumptious bacon are smothered in our homemade ranch sauce and capped with delicate romaine hearts and creamy American cheese. Enough said.

  • 轻芒鸡胸堡堡

    Tropical Chicken Breast Slider

    Whole chicken breast topped with fresh mango slices and creamy guacamole. 

  • 脆脆虾饼堡堡

    Crispy Shrimp Slider

    Golden, crunchy fried shrimp patty with cheese and Tartare Sauce.

  • 瑞士干酪古巴堡堡

    Cubano Slider

    One of humanity’s great sandwich inventions now comes in slider form! The flavor combination of succulent roast pork, smoked Praga ham, and mellow Swiss cheese is punctuated by sharp yellow mustard, pickles and jalapeños. Get it while it’s hot!



Made to order, most delicious when they are hot!

  • 波浪薯条

    Crinkle Cut Fries

    Don't let the name fool ya—we've been proudly serving our All-American crinkle cut fries, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, since 1921.

  • 咕咕鸡肉圈

    Chicken Rings

    Eat ’em, wear ’em, share ’em—made into a ring with all white-meat chicken breaded for perfection.

  • 酥炸鱿鱼圈

    Crispy Calamari

    Try our new but classic snack from the sea. Tender on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. Paired with tartar sauce.

  • 马苏里拉芝士条

    Mozzarella Sticks

    Melty mozzarella breaded cheese sticks with indulgent black truffle mayonnaise dip.

  • 咕咕鸡肉棒

    Honey Mustard Chicken Sticks

    Breaking its golden jersey, it is the honey mustard sauce that everyone loves. After a bite, the sauce overflows in the mouth, and it is accompanied by the juicy chicken, which makes the old man still wanting~

  • 有点辣尖叫鸡翅

    Spicy Korean Chicken Wings

    Our most popular snack——juicy and hot!

  • 脆脆甜薯条

    Sweet Potato Fries

    As crispy as the our Crinkle Cut Fries, just better!

  • 熔岩芝士薯条

    Molten Cheese Fries

    Crinkle-cut French fries topped with melted American cheddar cheese and spicy jalapeño pepper slices. 

  • 精选小食嘉年华

    Triple Snack Attack A

    3 Mozzarella Sticks with Truffle Mayo, 6 Chicken Rings and Molten Cheese Fries. It’s a party in your mouth! 

  • 明星小食嘉年华

    Quadruple Snack Attack B

    Wow! Sweet and crispy sweet fries, Q bomb squid rings, crispy and tender chicken rings and tender and juicy chicken sticks, a variety of snacks, multiple enjoyment!




We've got the dopamine you need.

  • 经典芝士小蛋糕

    Cheese Cake

    Take a bite out of the Big Apple’s king of desserts – ours has a crunchy biscuit base topped with imported cream cheese filling, enrobed in bittersweet dark chocolate.  

  • 巧克力布朗尼小蛋糕

     Chocolate Brownie Cake 

    Go nuts for this fudge and moist brownie Popsi Cake, studded with real macadamia and encased in 70.5% dark chocolate.

  • 北海道牛奶甜筒

    Hokkaido Ice-Cream Cone

    The sticky air in spring and summer is very sleepy... At this time, let's have an ice cream. Whether it is from visual coolness or taste coolness, it is a new magic weapon for summer life!

  • 阿福咖朵冰激凌


    The milk is full of sweetness and sweetness. Adding a hot espresso, it looks a bit like Mr. Fuji~ Drink it with the melted ice cream. It's milkier and smoother than the usual latte!

  • 香草菠萝冰激凌堡堡

    Double Pineapple Ice-Cream Slider

    Our take on Hong Kong’s classic pineapple bun with vanilla ice cream and grilled pineapple slices.

  • 森林浆果冰激凌堡堡

    Strawberry Ice-Cream Slider

    Hong Kong-style pineapple bun with strawberry ice cream and fresh blueberries.

  • 燕麦葡萄干手工饼干

    Oatmeal Raisin

    Think the perfect mix of hearty oats and sweet raisins. Now that’s a cookie worth celebrating!

  • 熔岩布朗尼手工饼干

    Chocolate Brownie

    There’s always been an unspoken tension between the brownie and cookie lover. Many have crumbled defending their decision at the dessert table. But now, the gang wars can end.




To the most romantic partnership!

  • 可口可乐®️畅饮

    Soft Drinks

    Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke®, Sprite® and more.

  • 咖啡/茶


    Add some fuel to your Craving with our signature coffee and hot tea.

  • 进口牛奶

    Imported Milk

    Imported from Germany, specially for younger cravers. 

  • 棉花糖可可

    Melting Marshmallow 


    Milk, cocoa, and a topping of mini marshmallows. 



For any occasions that you need to feed a bunch of hungry people!

  • 经典芝士堡套餐


    Faithful to the classic original flavor of the castle fanatic fan must enter, whether it is for one person to eat, or three or five friends to share, 12 classic cheeseburger packages will always satisfy you!

  • 30个堡堡盒子


    Choose any of the flavors of Fort, 15 of each, 30 Sliders, Any 2 Flvorsl, feed a lot of people effortlessly, all in one box!

    *Please consult the store staff for details

  • 如果您有派对或公司订餐需求,请联系我们的门店值班经理


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